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Game Overview

Game Summary:

        Iron Games is a FPS game with two capture-the-flag maps. The game supports up to eight players with LAN mode.


        In Iron Games, players are divided into two teams: the lion squadron and the wolf squadron. Each team has a unique character model and up to four members. Players have three different weapons: plasma gun, rocket luncher, and laser rifle. In the game, players score by bringing the enemy flag to their own flag; whoever team score three points first wins the game. There are two maps in the game: Regal and Colossus. Regal is a standard capture-the-flag map while Colossus has an additional portal mechanic. The background of Iron Games sets in a futuristic space world while players control robots to play war games.

Regal Level Screenshots:


Game Milestones (Level Design department):

  1. Prototype - 1 month

    Initial design documents, map metrics, speed maps with BSP, playtests, and evaluations
  2. Verticle Slice - 1 month

    Map design iteration, one section of the map gets to shippable quality,  work with art team on modular kits, whitebox levels, playtests, design bug fixing and update documentations
  3. Alpha - 1 month

    Map design iteration, map features complete, all zones get to shippable quality, play tests, design bug fixing and update documentations 
  4. Beta - 3 weeks

    Lighting, decorations, visual effects, menu systems, and design bug fixing
  5. RTM (release to manufacture) - 1 week

    Trailers, marketing materials, postmortems  


Department Lead

        I was the lead level designer on my team. The design department has three designers. I supervised them with their work and managed the design tasks. I also collaborated with programming department and art department on things we needed in our game.

Level Designer

        I designed, built, tested, and iterated the "Regal" map in Iron Games. As a level designer, I was in charge of all aspects of this standard capture-the-flag map, from level layout to level aesthetic. I also worked with the art team on modular kits and visual themes. 

Overview map for "Regal" - Second floor


        After the map "Regal" was finished, I contributed to my team as a scripter in Beta. I worked on the main menu visual theme with Blueprint and Matinee. With the art assets, I made the animated main menu. 

Animated Main Menu

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Team Size: 10


Game Design: 1

Production: 1

Level Design: 3

Program: 3

Art: 3

"FAR CRY! ..." - Scrum Master

"... PRIMAL!" - everyone

The team:

        Regan, Jeremy, Dev, Andy, Mario, Heather, Sean, Prassy, Anthony, and... me!


What Went Right

What Went Wrong

What I learned

  • Team cooperated well and handled challenges wisely


  • Team culture was energetic, everyone was happy during the development


  • The "Regal" map was balanced and fun to play in the end


  • I successfully balanced myself between the level designer and the department lead

  • Some of the modular pieces did not fit into another map


  • We should have done more play tests outside the team for fresh feedback

  • We should communicate with the stakeholder before we made major changes


  • We should solve the frame rate issue as soon as we found it

  • Play tests are crucial to multi-player maps, and they are never enough 


  • CTF maps need small zones that players can control and defend


  • Players should be constantly moving and changing directions in a CTF map


  • Good navigation is the key to a successful CTF map

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